Publicized in multiple forums, it looks like Toshiba is gearing up to announce or even release what seems to be the ‘world’s lightest and thinnest’ 13-inch notebook, although there is no confirmation from Toshiba themselves. Thin-and-light laptops were a major trend in 2009, alongside netbooks, but is that still the case for 2010? If so, this new charm needs to keep up with its rivals like the Adamo XPS, the Macbook Air and MSI X340 meaning it also needs high-end performance stats and a ‘high-end’ price tag, but hopefully, will be more affordable to average consumers than its competitors. Judging by the photo(s), the device not only looks thin but amazingly sexy and still manages to carry the infamous design and architecture of other Toshiba notebooks. Rumours also state that Toshiba will be utilizing a regular voltage Intel i3/i5 unit but with a special Supercharged Ion Battery, a new technology, which can charge up to 90% of its capacity in 10 minutes, something no laptop on retail has yet, which might give Toshiba a more advantageous release, but nobody’s quite sure if this battery is going have a long life, or just have a fast charging cycle, either way, all this technical sounding gear is probably going to be delivered with a (high) price. Basically, as an overview, we’re gonna have ANOTHER Macbook Air slaughterer.