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After finally testing out the new Wikipedia user interface beta, i noticed a big difference in both physical interface and behind-the-scenes tweaking. Starting off with the most obvious, both the headers and left panels have a face-lifted design, with a light blue, much cleaner and curvier look than before. The tabs at the top are spaced in different sections, so it’s not as crowded and it has a much more ‘tabbed browsing’ feel to it. The search bar, probably one of the most used functions on Wikipedia, is located at the top right corner, in a much more visible fashion unlike before where it blended in with other links, especially for new users. Overall, the graphical user interface upgrade gets two thumbs up, with no noticeable flaws to the bare eye.

The site seems to run smoother than before, but there was nothing really to improve in that category. Editing, on the other hand, definitely required some adjustments for more basic end contributors. Although Wikipedia’s form of easy coding editing made it much easier to edit the page as a whole, it still seemed like it needed an easier to use, more compatible entry editor. In the new beta, the coding hasn’t changed at all, but the editor has similar updates to the main page, including the light blue look, and has more visible editing buttons. Although the editing upgrade isn’t extensive, this is still a beta and hopefully, the final release will do some finishing tweaks.


Apple Unveils iPhone OS 4.0

Last Thursday, Apple announced the summer-due OS upgrade for the iPhone, iPod Touch and later on, the iPad. For the third year in a row, Apple used Spring to give developers a preview of what’s to be expected for the summer. Here’s a quick summary of what Steve Jobs and other executives released in Cupertino:


Finally, Apple has released an OFFICIAL way to multitask on the iPhone. Since the very first year the iPhone was released, third-party developers (jailbreak devs) have been coming up with ways to multitask on the iPhone like Backgrounder, but Apple has never released their own way as default on the iPhone and this has given haters a very reasonable attack on the the device. Now, that complaint has been addressed and puts the iPhone right next to devices like the Palm Pre and Nexus One, feature-wise. This long-awaited feature, comes with a catch though, iPhone 3G users don’t have access to this multitasking feature, due to hardware restraints.


The iPhone’s App store contains hundreds of thousands of different applications that make your smartphone life easier and more efficient. Although this app store is more or less the main reason of the iPhone’s success, the growing amount of options came with flaws. Folders, a little feature included with the new 4.0 software, addresses multiple issues in one. It’s basically like folders on your desktop, helping you sort your apps into chosen categories, an easier way to go through your apps instead of just scrolling into countless pages.

Game Center

Announced to be released a little later in the year, perhaps a bit after the 4.0 release, is something Apple calls “Game Center”. It’s basically a gaming type of social network, where you can invite friends to games, view leaderboards, have the ability to matchmaking for certain games; this brings a new concept of gaming to the iPhone, possibly turning it into much more of a portable gaming device.

Other Changes:

  • Spell Check
  • 5X Digital Zoom for Camera
  • Tap-to-Focus Video Camera
  • Gifting Apps
  • Home Screen Wallpaper
  • Bluetooth Keyboards
  • Rotate Photos
  • Web Search Suggestions
  • Create Playlists in iPod
  • Persistent Wi-Fi

The upcoming 4.0 release is definitely a bump for Apple’s smartphone hit, giving it a boost to (hopefully) put it back into the lead in the smartphone race. The update addresses many faulty issues and adds the features that would of given the iPhone a reasonable doubt to be the best.